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Our newest offering, e-books are a great way for new writing to be published at minimal expense, and also for older titles to find new life in a new market!

Our E-Book Services

We offer two e-book services: e-book creation for new books, and e-book conversion of existing books.
    We can work from manuscripts in Rich Text Format or MS Word, or finished layout files in Adobe InDesign. Illustrations must be provided as separate linked files. We provide e-books in two fomrats: .mobi for the Amazon Kindle, and .epub for everything else. Please note that Studio E Books is not the publisher, and therefore does not handle distribution to vendors; but we can help steer you in the right direction.
    Pricing is hourly and depends on complexity and length. Please contact us for an estimate.

About E-books

E-books differ from physical books in important ways. The chief of these is that the user may select the font and size, and the text reflows accordingly. Another is that although the .epub format is by now very well developed, not all reading devices interpret it the same, and not all devices follow the rules. E-books must be designed to accommodate these facts. Books that rely on fixed page layout or elaborate formatting, or that contain detailed illustrations, charts, or tables, may not be good candidates for e-books.


Right-click (Mac: control-click) the links below to download short samples of these books in .epub and .mobi formats. (To see a PDF of the printed edition, click on the cover image.) The .mobi samples require a Kindle. The .epub samples can be read on any other device, or on your desktop or laptop PC using the free Adobe Digital Editions.

Death Rides the Zephyr
Midnight Fires

Death Rides the Zephyr

Janet Dawson (Perseverance Press, 2013) Mystery. Paperback original.
.mobi (for Kindle)
.epub (for all others)

Times and Tides of Tuberculosis

Thomas M. Daniel (Fithian Press, 2013) Nonfiction. Paperback original.
.mobi (for Kindle)
.epub (for all others)


Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.
Inside of a dog, you need an iPad.
—Groucho Marx